Wildflower Heart
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This is a wonderful brooch I made while participating in a gallery show, and its quality and craftsmanship is very refined. I don’t usually allow myself to spend so much time on one particular piece because of the price point factor, but this one was an inspiration, and I couldn’t resist. The brooch is fabricated with a hinge, and is artistically interesting both from the front, and when it is opened. I made the front of the brooch in a hydraulic press, so the heart has depth and dimension. But the brooches inside is the best part, and is a great surprise. On one side there are ferns roller pressed into copper, with the words “You make me want to grow” hand stamped into the metal. On the other side there’s a thin sheet of Micah that encases California wildflower seeds and dried petals. It hangs from an antique skeleton key, and the pin back is soldered onto the key, making the hardware invisible. This piece is a one of a kind, and is a perfect gift for someone you love. I guarantee that there’s not another one like it! It is an extraordinary accent to any jacket or outer wear, and gets people engaged with the piece, opening it up to see the surprise inside.

The brooch is made from 100% recycled brass and copper sheet stock, and it measures 2 1/2 x 2 1/4.
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Wildflower Heart

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