Vintage Hand Made Crochet in Metal
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This piece is really fun, and all hand constructed. The vintage crotchet swatch is cut form a lovely table cloth i found at a thrift store. No doubt some grandmother is smiling knowing her piece has been upcycled into amazing new art. The window it is framed in is fabricated from copper, and the clear lenses is actually a paper thin slice of sheet mica, used in olden days to make lamps. The stone setting is a brilliant goldstone, and the piece hinges for movement below the stone setting and up to the fabricated window. It is cold connected with 4 brass micro screws, and has dainty pearls hanging from the bottom. This particular piece is on a long chain, measuring 26 inches, but I can shorten it to be regular pendent length, if you so desire. If you do not specify when ordering, then it will come with the sweeping longer chain.
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Vintage Hand Made Crochet in Metal

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