Sacred Geometry Belt Buckle
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The study of sacred geometry has its roots in the study of nature, and the mathematical principles found within its structures. For me, it expresses an awesome and perfect order to the intrinsic nature of the universe that is beyond our perception. Most importantly, it puts nature at the epicenter, the key that is the map to understand ourselves and the universe that we live in. Scientists are beginning to see the same geometric and mathematical patterns as arising directly from natural principles.

I was inspired to make this piece while looking at images of sacred geometry on the Internet. Actually, believe it or not, I stumbled on this specific shape from a picture of a crop circle somewhere in Kansas in the 90’s, and immediately began to draw it. I love how many forms we can find the patterns of the universe imprinted in a field, an ancient text or sawed out of metal. It reminds me that everything is both profound and complicated, but also literally everywhere we look, in everything we see.

The top plate is a single piece of brass sheet metal, hand sawed, and then soldered onto the back plate of copper. I chose rutilated quartz, with a thin slab of lapis behind it to extenuate the rutile- or the golden lines- found within the quartz. The rutile is a major ore of titanium, which is a metal used for high tech alloys, and I found fitting to go with such an ancient symbol. When you wear this piece, may it be a subtle yet constant reminder of the complex and perfect nature that we are all a part of .

This buckle is a 3inch circle, and will fit a belt 2 inches wide or less.
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Sacred Geometry Belt Buckle

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