Hand Sawed Art Nouveau Pendant with Moonstone Setting
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This is one of the most elegant designs that I have made to date. Hand sawed out of recycled brass sheet stock, this ornate pendent is both elegant and simple. The negative space and contrasting brilliant brass is a real showstopper. The pearls add a delicate touch that further the pieces already refined feel, and the chain is 100% solid brass. The pendent measures 2 1/4 x 2 3/4, and although it's a large piece, its incredibly light due to the metal that has been subtracted. May you feel like you are stepping out of a Alphonse mucha painting while wearing this- as this was the muse of my inspiration.

Note:This is sold as a set with matching pendent and earrings, if wanting to purchase together, please see a separate listing on my site with discounted group pieces for sale. You save $15.00 when purchasing them together.
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Hand Sawed Art Nouveau Pendant with Moonstone Setting

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