Fold Forged Copper Earrings with Clean Edge
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This lovely hand forged pair of earrings are made from thin gauge, recycled sheet copper, and are very light to wear. The forging process is called fold forming, where you fold the metal onto itself, hammer the inside fold and then open it up again. This process creates the flowing, organic leaf-like or seedpod design. The patina is a naturally occurring fire scale that happens when the metal is quickly heated to high temperatures with a torch, and while cooling leaves a colorful stain that is then sealed to maintain its color. The earring hook is hand made of pure copper, although can be substituted for sterling silver upon request - please denote which at time of order. If you don’t set a preference, they will come with the copper wires. This pair measures 2 1/2 inches from hook to tip, but I make them smaller or larger if desired. These earrings are one of my top sellers at jewelry shows, and look very elegant and natural when worn.
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Fold Forged Copper Earrings with Clean Edge

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