Flying into the carnelian sun
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This is one of my favorite pieces I’ve made to date. The etching of the hawk itself is beautifully detailed, with clean lines that accentuate the form of flight. But the floating carnelian stone setting adds a certain drama to this piece, and makes for a far more interesting composition. In addition, the three-chain connection is a different way than I have ever hung a necklace before, and fits really well with this piece. It settles on the clavicle in a relaxed way, and the sweeping chain comes together to a copper connector that finishes the piece with a single strand. All of it together, coupled with the contrast of the brass and copper create a cohesive design that is both sophisticated and hip. The hawk pendent is first etched, then hand sawed, and fabricated to fit with the set carnelian stone and contrasting chain. It is a comfortable piece, not too heavy, yet creates a quite a statement. The hawk itself measures about 4 inches long by 1.5 inches wide, but the piece occupies about 2.5 inches, and is made with 100% brass high quality, vintage brass chain.
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Flying into the carnelian sun

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