Anatomically Speaking, I am Yours
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This pendent of an anatomical heart is a reinterpretation of the classic sacred heart image. The portrayal of the heart with the rawness of its true form - a muscle of great strength and a kind of guttural beauty to it- creates a statement about the sometimes stark and uglier side to love. Stripping the image down to its truest essence, to me, represents shedding our pretenses and notions of imaginary love, and enables us to start from a foundation of truth in its most naked form. The heart is a muscle the size of a fist, and it must always find a way to keep beating. This hand-etched image in copper is then soldered onto a backplate of brilliant brass, with a radiating pattern stamped into it. It starts with two chains, and graduates into a single chain of 100% solid brass. This piece measures 1.5x2.25 inches and strikes up interesting conversations whenever worn.
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Anatomically Speaking, I am Yours

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